Services & Pricing

Ages 0-18: 

Ages 19-44:

Ages 45+:

*Children membership must have at least 1 enrolled adult membership, otherwise adult pricing.


10% discounts available for enrolling 4+ members (parents + children)

Copays, procedure fees, per-visit, telehealth fees:

None! Dr. Ma doesn't bill your insurance, so everything that she is able to provide for you in her office/ via telehealth (text, email, call, virtual visit), she will provide under the membership. 

Labs, imaging, medications are of course extra, but Dr. Ma will help you find the most affordable options available. 

Enrollment fee: 

$79 per adult, $49 per child, up to $200 per household/ employer if registering at the same time. This covers obtaining medical records, a comprehensive wellness visit as well as personalized wellness plan

Fee waived with annual membership!

Enrollment fee is non-refundable and due at the start of membership. 

Membership cancellations:

There is no obligation to continue your membership and there are no penalties for canceling. However, re-enrollment fee is $200 and pending Dr. Ma's availability. 

DOT exams: 

Free with memberships 3 months or longer

$100 for non-members (check/ cash), $105 for credit card (to cover fees)

Mobile DOT at your worksite: $100pp for 5+, otherwise $120pp. 

Procedures (stitches, wound care, abscess drainage, etc):

Included with membership (lab and supply costs may be extra, such as for biopsies, wound cultures)

$200-$300 without membership

Home visits:

Sometimes you're too ill to make it to the doctor's, but not sick enough for an ambulance. This is where home visits can be so helpful. 1 home visit is included per 12month membership, as medically indicated, pending service area / availability. Additional home visits are $50 / visit.